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Stylish Real Estate Website Design and IDX

Attract new clients and generate leads with a beautiful real estate website designed by Style Agent. Our real estate website design boutique offers the perfect online solution for today’s savvy Realtor®.

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  • Ashbury

    Ashbury is a rich design with a dark fabric textured background. Featuring the perfect combination of serif and sans-serif fonts, Ashbury delivers classic elegance with a modern twist.

    View Ashbury 
  • Broadway

    Offering the perfect balance of dark and light, Broadway features a rich ‘tweed’ texture set against the right amount of white space. Roboto sans-serif fonts complement this bold, modern design.

    View Broadway 
  • Columbus

    Columbus is a bright, fun design set against a light ‘wave grid’ background texture. It is complemented by the modern and very popular Google font pairing of ‘Oswald’ and ‘Arvo’.

    View Columbus 
  • Dolores

    This design features one of our favorite Google font pairings of ‘Oswald’ and ‘Lora’. This font pairing set against a generous amount of white space, gives Dolores a very modern look that looks fantastic in any color scheme.

    View Dolores 
  • Fillmore

    Go bigger with Fillmore! Our latest design gives you more screen space, bigger images, improved ‘call-to-action’ functionality, 4 ‘widget’ areas in the footer and a sleek new homepage slider.

    View Fillmore 
  • Fulton

    Spanning the full width of the screen, Fulton showcases your wide panoramic photographs and sets you apart from the crowd. The modern sans-serif font pairing complements this beautiful design.

    View Fulton 
  • Geary

    Geary is the only Style Agent design to feature a vertical navigation menu. This unique feature coupled with the awesome ‘BenchNine’ Google font gives Geary a very different look and feel to other real estate websites.

    View Geary 
  • Haight

    Set against a pure white background, Haight is simple, minimalistic and modern. If you’re looking for a clean design to let your content and photographs do the talking – Haight is the design for you!

    View Haight 
  • Hyde

    Inspired by a kitchen showroom, the Hyde design is pure class. The white background effect mimics backsplash tile and the dark color textures take on the feel of granite slab. The beautiful serif titling font complements this elegant design.

    View Hyde 
  • Lombard

    Set against a white brick background texture, Lombard is a sharp, modern design with tons of personality. Lombard is perfected with the stylish sans-serif font combination of Oswald (one of our favorite Google fonts) and PT Sans Narrow.

    View Lombard 
  • Marina

    Marina is a ‘wide boxed layout’ and offers the perfect compromise between a full width design and a regular boxed design. The extra wide layout offers space for 4 widget areas in the footer. The modern font pairing of Open Sans Condensed and Droid Serif complement this design.

    View Marina 
  • Pacific

    Pacific is another design that utilizes the full width of the screen. It features a full width navigation bar, bold colors and is complemented by the very popular slab-serif Google font ‘Rokkitt’.

    View Pacific 
  • Presidio

    Composed on a white tile background texture, Presidio is a delicate and elegant design. The white space allows the background to peer through and mimics the look of fine paper sheets laid across the screen.

    View Presidio 
  • SOMA

    SOMA is a modern design that spans the full width of the screen and delivers the content in style. Finished off with a subtle texture and the popular Open Sans font set. A close relation to the Marina design.

    View SOMA 
  • Sunset

    Set against a cool tile background texture, Sunset is a sharp, clean design. This modern design is complemented with the strong sans-serif ‘Montserrat’ Google font.

    View Sunset 

“Thanks again for your amazing responsiveness and attention to detail. You truly run a phenomenal business model and I’m so grateful to work with you!”

Kate @ Pacific Union Christie’s International Real Estate in Alameda, California

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WordPress offers endless possibilities for your Style Agent real estate website. This popular content management system is easy-to-use, great for SEO and is used by more than 23.2% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013!

Responsive Mobile Designs

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a major component of every Style Agent real estate website design. Our mobile-friendly websites adapt and deliver the full content to any device such as smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Search Engine Optimized

Websites built on the WordPress platform are well-optimized for the search engines right out of the box. Add our built-in SEO plugin, XML sitemap generator and analytics tracking and you’ve got one powerful marketing tool.

Lead Generation

Transform your website visitors into quality leads with the incredible Gravity Forms plugin. Lead generating forms included are ‘Find Your Dream Home’, ‘List Your Home’, ‘Your Home’s Value’ and a ‘Contact’ form with embedded Google map.

Developed By Our Designers

Building a nicely designed, reliable website on the WordPress platform is time-consuming and requires a great deal of know-how. Do what you do best and leave the website building to our dedicated team of experienced designers.

2-3 Week Build Time

The real estate website design process takes just 2-3 weeks after receiving your completed setup form and required photos. Considering the high quality of our work and the care put into each website, this short build time is exceptional.